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Nigella's Christmas Boat-Club Buffet

A buffet - or prol's banquet as I like to call it - is the perfect treat for a frosty winter's night with a select group of friends.  There's something magical about a really big bowl of chicken nuggets dusted thickly with Oxo granules, which makes me feel all luscious and yummy inside.
Forget neurotically fussing over decor and hygiene - simply feast your eyes across my delightfully bulging festive ideas.  Don't be mean, a buffet is all about having loads left over!
Crisps are a wonderful alternative to salad and will compliment the warm tones of beer and sherry, both of which your guests will probably bring.  
You'll need some very special meat to compliment the crisps, and home-made sausages are always spectacular.  Serve cold, on a bed of dripping.   .
Just because you're having a stand-up party doesn't mean you can't serve fish and cheese.  I'm an absolutely gigantic fan of both, and my cheese and prawn boards are just the ticket.  Serve with a g…